Fopnu News

March 26, 2024

Version 1.64 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • better support for high precision scrolling devices in Windows 10/11
  • fixed several problems with menus in Linux builds
  • improved user key-change dialog that now shows both public and private key
  • channel/network creation dialog now shows both public and private key
  • new key finder for Linux/Windows that can create public keys that start with user-specified string
  • file/folder selection dialogs start browsing from previous location
  • minor improvements to split-pane resizing algorithms
  • fixed problems with rich text view scroll-to-selection function
  • fixed problems with rich text view page up/down cursor placement and selection
  • minor fixes to mouse-pointer icon selection when hovering rich text views
  • in Windows build folder selection windows, no longer auto-expand drives within My Computer / This-PC
  • better right-click options for user links in chat / private message / info
  • new scrolling configuration window available from Settings > UI Behavior
  • new vertical and horizontal mouse wheel speed controls in scrolling configuration window
  • support macro double-clicks in Windows builds that run mouse customization software
  • several other minor fixes and adjustments throughout the program
Thanks for using Fopnu!

March 11, 2024

Version 1.63 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • fixed problems with link parsing in private message window
  • fixed time formatting problems in private message window
  • fixed problems with oversize private messages causing outgoing queue stall
  • fixed tray icon problems on certain Linux desktops
  • fixed rare crash on close in Linux build
  • fixed dependency problems in .deb install package
  • new file selector control for Windows build
  • new folder selector control for Windows build
  • fixed problems with tab control left-right scroll
  • minor improvements to paned divider control resizing algorithms
  • fixed problems with right-clicking links in message / info views
  • fixed GTK window background painting mismatch problems on systems using Wayland
  • fixed problems in multiline edit control when auto-scrolling to cursor position
  • add option to disable smooth scrolling in Settings > UI Behavior
  • several other minor UI updates
Thanks for using Fopnu!

January 26, 2024

Version 1.62 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • new private message window with message history and configurable auto-clear
  • much faster loading from config files at program startup
  • new configuration import / export / clear functions in Settings > Manage Settings
  • all control surface colors are now configurable from Settings > Colors
  • new full dark theme available in Settings > Color Scheme
  • support Status Notifier Item spec for tray icons in Linux
  • completely revised tree view, text edit, and rich text view controls
  • optionally transparent or opaque scrollbar modes
  • greatly improved diagnostic file activity window in Help > Diagnostics
  • numerous other minor fixes and improvements throughout the program
Thanks for using Fopnu!

April 16, 2023

Version 1.61 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • complete re-write of Linux GUI framework to use the GTK3 libraries instead of GTK2
  • replaced common tree/list view controls with faster custom implementation in all builds
  • smooth scrolling for tree/list view in Windows
  • fixed several font problems and issues updating display upon font changes
  • problems with tray icon appearance and menu positioning fixed
  • fixed problems with rich-text view background color updating upon scheme reload
  • raised file count limit for folder downloads from 2,000 to 25,000
  • reduced startup delay by eliminating redundant library.dat file save after loading
  • refined library hash-field caching procedures and timing to save more RAM
  • fixed inaccuracies in pane divider positioning upon program reload
  • the ellipsized path button in browse windows now displays with a correct width and caption
  • fixed minor problems when using fopnu_local_instance_check.txt
Thanks for using Fopnu!

February 23, 2023

Version 1.59 is now available. This update has many important improvements:
  • several protocol improvements for better reliability under heavy packet loss conditions
  • updated handshake and authentication protocol for channel connections
  • several refinements to holepunch procedures, better ratelimiting
  • completely re-engineered main message loop and thread manager for Windows builds
  • better task prioritization balance between GUI events and internal processing for Windows builds
  • added a new back-buffering render layer to treeview/listview/graph controls in Windows
  • CPU usage during window drag-over, resize, and re-render events is greatly reduced
  • several fixes and improvements to rich-text view controls that power log/chat/browse/info views
  • tree/list view automatic scroll to selection on start/stop option in Settings > UI > Behavior
  • tree/list views in Windows build now support bold/underline text when viewing channel list
  • chat entry box handles pasted multi-line text much better
  • channel event log now shows full comment lines for new bans
  • library correctly auto-updates when inner sub-folders are removed
  • channel bandwidth history now persists after program restart
  • better ctrl-V and ctrl-C handling to copy and paste links
  • minor tweaks to search result sorting
  • Linux builds now use xdg-mime by default instead of gconftool-2 to setup fopnu: protocol association
  • fixed minor problems with tray icon menu positioning on Windows builds
  • connection count at top of floating channel window fixed
  • tooltip for users with an ignored IP now specifies name and key of matching ignore list entry
  • color channel names supported
  • many other minor fixes in the GUI
Thanks for using Fopnu!

October 10, 2022

Version 1.58 is now available. This update has several important fixes and improvements:
  • completely redesigned channels system
  • new rich-text control for main chat view, much faster and less RAM/CPU
  • chat backbuffer is saved between sessions
  • join/leave/timestamp settings instantly apply to entire backbuffer
  • user name display color in backbuffer now changes dynamically to indicate if currently online/offline
  • Information tab displays channel welcome message
  • Connections tab allows channel connection start/stop/remove by right-click
  • Bandwidth tab, with history that is saved between sessions
  • Event Log tab, that shows full history of banlist changes and user level changes
  • Options tab that has several controls for regular users and channel moderators
  • channel Auto-Ignore option, that will mirror a channel's banlist in the local ignore list
  • new Auto-Moderate feature that will set bans based on another channel's banlist or the local ignore list
  • Advanced Ban option in user right-click menu, which allows comments to be added
  • user ban menu is customizable, allowing user to have preset comments and IP blocking options
  • several new columns in the main channels list, accessible from the Layout Button
  • fixed problems with channel connection forwarding to manager when connect-key is rejected
  • new ignore system, accessible from top button in contacts list
  • several new columns in ignore list
  • channels that have the Auto-Ignore option activated shown as a tree structure in ignore list
  • comments are now supported for ignored users
  • last-hit time display for ignored users, with color changes for active entries
  • contact-list icons changed slightly to differentiate offline users
  • new icon for users that are ignored by IP only and not by key
  • several refinements to results display in main file search view
  • sorting search view by user column will push ignored entries to the bottom
  • added .m4a to audio file type extensions
  • in channels list, search view, and transfers view, support ctrl-v and ctrl-c to cut and paste links
  • configuration file directory on Linux build now defaults to ~/.config/fopnu on new installations
  • new command-line switches to control configuration directory location on Linux systems
  • support fopnu_local_instance_check.txt in stand-alone exe folder to allow multiple instances
  • several minor fixes to GUI controls in Linux/Windows builds
  • all editbox maximum-lengths are now correctly enforced on UTF8 strings containing multi-byte characters
  • fixed single and multi-line text editbox default colors to prevent problems when using dark host-OS themes
  • fixed problem with background colors of disabled treeview / listview controls
  • program exit procedures refined and tuned for quick process exit
  • fixed problems with pane-divider position save/restore between sessions
  • fixed problems with delayed window close upon app quit in GTK builds
  • fixed minor problems with auto-shutdown feature
  • several refinements to control spacing and border-widths in all program windows
  • fixed crash when balloon notification in OS is clicked after a channel has been removed
  • fixed crash when library is hashing a file that is abruptly deleted
  • fixed rare crash when sorting by B/s in transfers view
  • fixed rare crash that happens when a disk-cached library hash field is missing
Thanks for using Fopnu!

November 5, 2021

Version 1.57 is now available. This update has several important fixes and improvements:
  • program loading routines updated, faster startup
  • streamlined program exit routines, much less time taken to save config and clean up
  • more memory and CPU optimizations for the Library
  • fixed problem with Library detection of nested folder name changes on Windows builds
  • fixed problems with mousewheel event handling in Windows 7 and older
  • fixed minor rendering problems in bandwidth/memory/cpu charts when showing large quantities
  • fully built-in error reporter for Windows builds, no more errorreporter.exe needed
  • Library view blocks the right-click Copy Link option for files that have not yet been hashed
  • better formatting of link text and tooltip in chat rooms and private messages
  • all links now support |"label here" suffix to change default link text
  • fixed minor UPNP problems
Thanks for using Fopnu!

October 19, 2021

Version 1.56 is now available. This is an important update with the following improvements:
  • new system for Library file hash-field storage on disk to reduce RAM usage
  • hash-fields currently in RAM are slowly flushed to disk
  • special logic to keep hash-fields cached in RAM only when recently in use for uploads and downloads
  • Library files re-hash on demand if hash-field not in RAM and can not be found on disk
  • much faster program load and close due to smaller Library config file (after initial disk-flush)
  • now using library2.dat for preferred Library configuration file, so old config is safe upon downgrade
  • all Library file reading for uploads and hashing is now done without a write-lock on the file
  • added special checks to file hashing routines to detect changes in file size and re-hash after delay
  • extra data integrity checks during Library file reading for uploads
  • config setting to send deleted files to operating system trash/recycle bin is now on by default
  • fixed problems with memory/bandwidth charts when displaying large numbers such as memory state
  • a few other minor GUI fixes in the Library view
Thanks for using Fopnu!

August 30, 2021

Version 1.55 is now available. This last-minute update to yesterday's 1.54 release fixes problems with older private keys not issuing valid signatures, which caused connection problems in some chat rooms.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

August 29, 2021

Version 1.54 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • major revision of chat room peer connections
  • more efficient and reliable sync of long chat room mod delegation lists
  • ban list sync with fewer round trips, better loss recovery
  • chat ban function now works more reliably against multi-homed peers
  • eliminated disconnects during delegation list sync with multiple owners
  • fixed problems with IPv6-only chat rooms
  • fixed problems with chat ban list IP-range folding
  • Library find bar now case-folds and normalizes all Unicode strings correctly
  • fixed several sorting problems in upload tree view
  • contacts now search and sync much more reliably across IPv6-only networks
  • in Network settings, fixed problems when IPv6 is bound to tunnel interface only supporting IPv4
  • fixed problems with UPNP/NAT-PMP port forwarding
  • fixed problems when destroying a contact when an incoming message is pending
  • replaced several elliptic-curve crypto routines with newer and faster implementations
  • mouse wheel will zoom in/out when hovering over bandwidth charts
  • mouse wheel on older Windows platforms will now scroll hovered control instead of focused control
  • fixed problems in color text view with UTF-16 surrogate pair rendering on Windows machines
  • several other minor fixes in the GUI
Thanks for using Fopnu!

January 12, 2021

Version 1.53 is now available. Several important fixes have been made:
  • fixed problems with text selection in richtext views when multi-byte Unicode strings are divided
  • in Windows build text edit boxes, added keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Backspace to back over full words
  • in any tree view, the left-arrow key will move to the parent item if current is already collapsed
  • no more richtext control selection color updating problems when color settings are adjusted
  • fixed file selection dialog problems on Windows systems that are configured to hide file extensions
  • in GTK version, eliminated some redundant re-paint cycles in tree view and richtext controls to lower CPU use
  • fixed bottom-scroll problems in Chat views when resizing view or flipping between empty and scrollable channels
  • more graceful text edit control handling of invalid UTF-8 input
  • fixed problems with line splitting in multi-line text controls when displaying invalid UTF-8
  • window title captions are now better sanitized for undisplayable characters and invalid UTF-8
  • IPv6 address parsing function is now more tolerant of misplaced square brackets with port specifiers
  • fixed problems with floating-point display formatting and parsing on certain locales
  • fixed multiline tray icon tooltip and balloon notification problems in GTK
  • better GTK window caption and Alt-Tab icons due to use of multi-size feed function
  • more accurate window saved position, dimension, and state re-loading
  • browse window shows the full public key of the current user on the leftmost top path button tooltip
  • fixed minor word-wrap update problems when expanding/collapsing the contact list next to chat rooms in GTK build
  • portable mode path translation for saved MRU folders list used in Download As dialog
  • improvements to file/folder name sanitizers
Thanks for using Fopnu!

October 17, 2020

Version 1.52 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • fixed problems with chat room connections cycling under high CPU load
  • Groups can selectively auto-download links from member chat rooms and contacts
  • Add/Edit Group windows have several new options for auto-download context and filtering
  • auto-download links can be text-filtered, size-filtered, and type-filtered
  • fully re-wrote download block scheduler, far more advanced block selection algorithm
  • reduced file fragmentation in downloaded files, blocks are saved in longer spans where possible
  • downloads view supports Ctrl-Shift-SDB to show bitfield in Progress column, and Ctrl-Shift-SDP to revert
  • fixed problems with upload position hinting during heavy packet reordering
  • contact list tooltips improved
  • fopnu:file: link tooltips in chat and private messages show file sizes
Thanks for using Fopnu!

September 25, 2020

Version 1.51 is now available. There have been several improvements:
  • new LAN Peers feature in Settings > Network
  • ability to bind to separate interface and port for LAN peer communication
  • private IP addresses allowed for downloads, contacts, chat rooms, and network bootstrapping
  • improved private IP address filtering for all public network PEX and search hinting operations
  • searches queries are sent to LAN peers at higher priority
  • contacts prefer private LAN IPs when connecting, allowing better speeds / latency when possible
  • online contacts are used for search queries at high priority
  • added "Any Interface" to dropdown menu of available interfaces in Settings > Network
  • when clicking a file link in a private message, the sender of the message is added as a source
  • when starting a download from search window, all known result sources are immediately added
  • when clicking a file link in a chat room, the sender of the message is added as a source
  • new Network Locations tool available from Help > Diagnostics
  • program shutdown sequencing improved, chat room leave notification is now immediate
  • minor fixes to the program update notifier to prevent redundant checks when notification window is open
  • other minor GUI fixes
More to come very soon. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

August 28, 2020

Version 1.49 is now available. There have been many improvements:
  • new Scheduler feature, activated from Settings > Scheduler
  • tasks in Scheduler can manipulate bandwidth throttle, network, downloads, and chat rooms
  • find function for Library
  • fixed minor timeout problem for user-search with zero results
  • prevent UPNP for ports that are SOCKS5 proxied
  • fixed minor problems with custom color configuration view
  • rewrote search procedures in Library, so that phrase-matching is more accurate
  • several other minor improvements in the GUI
We are working on some interesting new features and another release will be posted soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

June 9, 2020

Version 1.48 is now available. Several important fixes and improvements have been made:
  • new SOCKS 5 proxy support, can be configured in Settings > Network
  • rewrote notification systems for chat rooms, contacts, and transfers
  • new config view at Settings > Notifications
  • new per-download custom notifications available on right-click menu
  • per-contact and per-chat custom notifications options are activated by default
  • incoming private messages can now be notified via tray balloon
  • chat messages can now be notified via tray balloon
  • options to show full messages or just a summary on tray balloon notifications
  • numerous improvements to UDP hole-punching, much better performance on highly-restrictive symmetric NAT connections
  • network can track multiple reflected local addresses
  • current local address tracking stats can be seen by clicking Network Event Log then pressing ctrl-shift DMPL
  • greatly improved symmetric NAT detection and notification
  • UPNP will now unmap on program close
  • fixed UPNP stall problem after manual network stop/start cycle during map operation
  • buttons in UPNP and filesys diagnostic logs to save report to text file
  • minor bandwidth throttle performance optimizations
  • fixed minor problems with program shutdown sequencing that would sometimes prevent channel leave announcements and UPNP unmapping
  • in Settings > Files, a new option to skip library directory scans upon program start (useful when sharing huge numbers of files)
  • new command-line option "-noinitscan" to force-skip library directory scan upon program start, regardless of settings
  • fixed rare crash in Library that would occur when removing a folder while it was being uploaded
  • minor improvements to the chat room ban system, more rapid propagation of list after updates
Thanks for using Fopnu!

April 18, 2020

Version 1.47 is now available. This following changes have been made:
  • added a Download As dialog, which allow file/folder name changes and custom location selection
  • improved menu options when right-click files, folders, and top folder buttons in Browse and Search views
  • right-click menu for links in chat rooms and private messages has been updated to have Browse, Download, and Download As options
  • better prompting when attempting to download an item already in the download list
  • option to merge download files/folders with the same name when starting from Download As dialog
  • download files will check for an already completed file when starting, including a full hash check to verify the match
  • files with the exact same hash id will always download one at a time, to prevent problems if both are pointing to the same incomplete file
  • uploader status is updated more frequently toward the end of download, to prevent incomplete status display when download actually completed
  • added a Download To dialog, which is the multi-select version of the Download As dialog
  • fixed selection problems in Search view when multiple expanded items are selected
  • in Transfers view, ctrl-V will paste in any fopnu links on the clipboard
  • fixed rare crash on some Linux systems during notification sound playback
  • fixed minor display problems with bandwidth chart time labels
  • minor optimizations to download file allocation read/check/write procedure, less time spent on larger files
  • improvements to recirculating token system, more accurate priority boost when serving many uploads
  • tooltip of root folders in download list will display originating user and path
  • other minor fixes and adjustments in the GUI
Thanks for using Fopnu!

March 3, 2020

Version 1.46 is now available. This following changes have been made:
  • fixed problems with updating order in Groups window
  • temporary contacts now showing proper icon in Groups window
  • added Groups submenu to right-click menu for Contacts and Channels in Groups window
  • fixed problems with download folder browse operation not forwarding the source peer to the created files
  • tooltips in Contact list now show the last seen online time when offline
  • more aggressive peer reconnect for downloads when there are fewer sources
  • fixed icon display problems on some Windows systems
More to come.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

March 2, 2020

Version 1.45 is now available. This is a last-minute release to fix problems with icon display on certain Windows 7 systems after a recent bad Windows update. There are also a few other minor improvements in the network stack, mostly to fix and optimize NAT hole-punching, which is now slightly more aggressive.

We are working on several new features. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

February 25, 2020

Version 1.44 is now available. This following changes have been made:
  • added new Groups window, accessible from the Library view
  • bandwidth chart time line and text colors added to settings
  • fixed minor problems with bandwidth tracking that caused inaccuracy on zoomed-out graphs
  • several minor optimizations to core Library functions to speed up mass group changes
  • fixed problems with updating bandwidth history to settings config file before program close
  • a few other minor adjustments to the GUI
Another release is coming soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

February 13, 2020

Version 1.43 is now available. This release contains important fixes and improvements:
  • added option for custom network bootstrap hosts in Settings > Network
  • fixed problems with icon loading and crash on startup caused by a recent Windows 7 update
  • fixed problems with user ignore list not being enforced immediately after a change
  • per-contact custom online notification now also controls tray icon flash in addition to balloon notification
  • browse window now fully supports keyboard navigation with arrows, backspace, and enter key
  • revised network search timing for more reliable operation during heavy packet loss
  • other minor fixes in the GUI
We are working on several more fixes and improvements. Another release will be posted very soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

December 26, 2019

Version 1.42 is now available. Several improvements have been made:
  • major update of all bandwidth / statistic charting throughout the program
  • time lines in charts
  • time labels in charts
  • charts can zoom out to spans of several weeks
  • all chart data for network and main bandwidth are saved between program sessions
  • right-click chart shows popup menu with zoom and customization options
  • right-clicking the large Search button at the top-right of the search window shows a popup menu with search options
  • can spawn multiple search windows from search options menu
  • each filetype toggle button in the search window can be right-clicked to adjust its default state
  • improvements to search status display
  • browse windows now have button to open a search within the user's files
  • backspace key in browse goes up to parent folder
  • enter key in browse opens a folder or downloads a file
  • when using the browse back button or backspace key, previous folder will be selected and scrolled into view
  • a few other minor fixes in the GUI
More improvements are on the way soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

November 5, 2019

Version 1.41 is now available. There have been major improvements in several areas:
  • completely re-written search routines, now traverses the network much faster
  • browse / folder download / send message will search network for public key if current location doesn't respond
  • browse / folder download / send message will always cache newest public key location from launch source / key search
  • fixed browse handling of bad reply encoding
  • browse improvements when connecting with non-preferred IP version (4 or 6)
  • better browse request timing/retry schedule
  • immediately checks location cache if browsing from fopnu:user: link
  • can set library redundant directory scan intervals in Settings > Files
  • library polling intervals for directories with no change notification support can be set in Settings > Files
  • automatically extend directory scan intervals 40% when hashing is happening
  • set defaults button in Settings > Files
  • a diagnostic log for re-scan / hashing problems in Help > Diagnostics > Library Log
  • when a library root folder does not exist, keep the file structure intact but disable all files within, not visible on network
  • detect when a library root folder disappears / reappears within 30 seconds and trigger a scan
  • improvements to chat room connection setup protocol
  • fixed problems with chat room connection rejected reply PEX encoding
  • added chat room diagnostic commands /dmpa on/off, /dmpb, /dmpc on/off
  • additional measures to prevent chat room message drops when connection key is invalid
  • chat room connection key is renewed more aggressively after Mods structure changes invalidate it
  • chat room Mods or higher prevented from broadcasting stale/redundant connection keys
  • don't allow settings option to show on chat room menu if no root key, even if Owner level
  • show Enter Root Key option on chat room menu if no root key, even if Owner level
  • in Chat Room Settings window, updated defaults for Advanced Parameters when using the Add button
  • better regulation of topic/settings broadcasts when there are a large number of Mod+, saving bandwidth
  • better Mod+ delegate list trimming, saving bandwidth in some situations
  • fixed problem with oversize replies to chat room gathering, now more accurately limits response with multiple rooms
  • handle corrupt/truncated chat room gather replies better, no waiting for timeout / re-transmit
  • fixed minor Windows menu position/scaling problems
Thanks for using Fopnu!

September 27, 2019

Version 1.39 is now available. This release is intended to further improve robustness of the network:
  • incoming key negotiation now handles duplicate queries correctly, more advanced rate-limiting algorithm
  • outgoing key queries will now retry with uniquely coded messages, to prevent problems with remote replay protection
  • retain previous key post-negotiation for 5 seconds, to prevent problems with delayed messages on high latency connections
  • after timed out key negotiation, retain old keys until expiry to maximize possibility of connection recovery
  • eliminated some redundant hole-punching messages, improved ratelimiting of hole-punches
  • fixed problems during chat room startup that were making online time and other internal counters inaccurate
  • eliminated some delays during initial chat room connection establishment that were slowing user list sync
  • fixed chat room list owner status icon de-sync problems
  • a few minor GUI fixes
Now that the network is more stable and reliable, we can move forward into other areas of the program.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

September 22, 2019

Version 1.38 is now available. We are continuing to make improvements to the chat rooms and other areas:
  • improved chat connections for much better reliability under heavy packet loss conditions
  • revised chat broadcast forwarding and routing algorithm to use less bandwidth in larger rooms
  • chat room owners can set level of other stale owners to normal to remove them from Mods list
  • chat room owners with root key will re-authorize themselves when coming online if previously removed by other owner
  • chat room settings are propagated much more rapidly after a change
  • larger chat room welcome message is permitted, up to 450 bytes (this is shared with the advanced parameters)
  • better validation for chat room advanced parameters in GUI dialogs, with warning if there is possible overflow after final encoding
  • main network AX/P1/P2 packet timings have been thoroughly revised and optimized
  • greatly reduced spikes and ripples on network traffic charts, especially after startup and network connection interruptions
  • new network peers have their hash-bitfields synchronized more quickly, with a more randomized timing to prevent incoming ripples
  • improved contact search timing after network connection outages, much quicker recovery and contact visibility
  • chat room banlist is automatically re-signed when removing moderator privileges from current signer
  • initial chat room connection handshake is more tolerant of stale banlist signed by user with previously elevated privileges
  • a few other minor fixes in the GUI
Another release will be coming along soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

September 16, 2019

Version 1.37 is now available. We are continuing to make improvements to the chat rooms:
  • fixed problem with delegate list sync that was preventing entry into some chat rooms
  • better Mods pane layout, shows full tree permission structure
  • fixed Mods pane updating problems
  • local entry in Mods pane includes currently ineffective delegations, in case local permission is later returned to higher level
  • dynamically pull Mods pane names from current user list if possible, yet show previous delegated name in tooltip, if different
  • fixed problem with second-pass message retransmission, improving connection reliability
  • several other connection timing improvements
  • in Users pane and message view, user tooltip should include level if not normal, and/or also say "Ignored"
  • in chat, ignore icon now overrides Owner/Manager/Op/Mod icons in user list
  • fixed sorting problems in Users pane
  • ignored users are now displayed in red in Users pane
  • minor display fixes in main chat rooms list
More fixes and improvements are on the way. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

September 14, 2019

Version 1.36 is now available. This is a last-minute update to yesterday's v1.35 release that fixes a crash that happens under certain conditions when using the chat rooms.

We working on more fixes and improvements and will post another release soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

September 13, 2019

Version 1.35 is now available. There has been a major revision of the chat rooms feature:
  • fixed problems with oversize delegate lists
  • second-pass encoding now works properly after packet loss
  • connection reciprocation checks now take into account long delegate/ban list syncs
  • broadcast message passing has been upgraded to deal with larger data sets
  • special checking to prevent delegate list sync loop when there are circular references between users
  • no more update rejection problems when banning or elevating multiple users at the same time
  • stricter rules for declaring online status, must now have both incoming and outgoing connections
  • moderator pane now displays a deeper tree view when there are multiple levels of delegation
  • several other minor GUI fixes
More fixes and improvements are on the way. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

July 24, 2019

Version 1.34 is now available. This release has the following fixes and improvements:
  • several fixes to UPNP client
  • fixed crash in upload management routines
  • better support for NTFS symlinks and junctions, fixed problems with change notifications
  • scaling improvements to directory change notification handling used by Library
  • timing adjustments to network holepunch procedures, better compatibility with some old NAT routers
  • other minor fixes in the GUI
We are still working on a few other issues and will post another release very soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

April 23, 2019

Version 1.33 is now available. This release has the following fixes and improvements:
  • fully re-engineered the user ignore system internals for more reliable operation and less CPU usage
  • further improvements to memory allocation failure handling
  • fixed recent problems with Windows XP compatibility
  • minimum 2 minute delay for auto-shutdown from program startup or setting change
  • contacts that appear from multiple locations are tracked more reliably and properly follow configured IPv4/6 preferences
  • a few other minor fixes in the GUI
Thanks for using Fopnu!

April 19, 2019

Version 1.32 is now available. This is a major update and contains several important fixes and improvements:
  • new Auto-Startup option available in the tray menu or by right-clicking main toolbar
  • new Auto-Shutdown feature can stop program, allow suspend, or shutdown system when downloads/uploads complete
  • incoming port randomization option available in Settings > Network
  • major update to build environment for both Windows and Linux, compiler is newest GCC, all linked libraries updated
  • individual per-contact setting for join notification by tray balloon
  • copy link option in main contacts menu, for link to local user
  • individual per-channel setting for activity notification by flash tray icon
  • better app shutdown / restart interlock, if app is restarted before previous instance is fully saved
  • several network protocol changes between newer clients, including message compression, which lowers bandwidth overhead
  • fully redesigned network hole-punching protocols, which should allow more reliable operation for firewalled users
  • added more random variation to chat room connection keep alive intervals, to prevent bandwidth surges in large rooms
  • fixed problem adding some users to banlist in chat rooms
  • added chat room connection diagnostic output, activated by typing /connlog on
  • several chat room connection protocol upgrades for increased reliability
  • network near-ring ping timing adjusted to better allow firewalled users to make connections
  • less ping interval oscillation on initial network entry, smoother bandwidth profile
  • increased peer location exchange throughput, which should allow quicker network entry
  • improved peer key rotation rules for improved network re-entry after program restart
  • better peer key discarding rules, helps reconnect faster after network interruptions and/or location changes
  • uploads now fold same user / multiple location entries into one line, with IP list in tooltip
  • uploader per-IP bandwidth in Speed column tooltip
  • fixed problems with uploader priority adjustments not fully propagating
  • downloads will trigger a find-sources search sooner if there has been a recent speed drop
  • suppress tray balloon notifications when tray icon is not visible
  • fixed problems with column size persistence in GTK versions
  • several graph rendering efficiency improvements to reduce CPU usage and improve high-res scaling
  • fixed problems with ellipsized labels in Windows versions
  • several minor fixes to GUI control positioning algorithms, and a new preferred-width positioning mode
  • a few key fixes in the Windows version treeview control that could have caused a rare crash
  • open color selector now updates when scheme is changed
  • improved memory overflow tracking
  • several other minor fixes and improvements throughout the program
Thanks for using Fopnu!

March 8, 2019

Version 1.31 is now available. This release contains several important fixes and improvements:
  • new internal GUI framework that properly scales on high-DPI displays like 2K and 4K
  • bandwidth throttle re-engineered for much more CPU-efficient operation
  • network search algorithms updated to better support international character equivalencies
  • word-breaking code in search algorithms updated to support all Unicode word-break sequences
  • fixed problems launching fopnu: links from the shell
  • all GUI icons now scale correctly with font-size changes
  • GUI frame thickness and control spacing now scales proportionally to configured font-size
  • improvements to speed formatting in transfers view
  • default max units now set to T everywhere
  • fixed problems in contact list with double-click handling
  • charts now have correct layout and spacing in high-DPI modes
  • charts now fully support 64-bit data sets without visual overflow
  • several math fixes and optimizations in chart painting routines, more accurate and faster output
  • fixed problems with auto-scroll in chat rooms
  • fixed label ellipsizing problems in several areas
  • improved color-text drawing routines, much lower CPU usage
  • clipboard copy operations in chat rooms improved to provide full links even when formatted
  • fixed problems with browse window bottom status display
  • color-selector in settings fully re-engineered, now renders correctly in high-DPI modes, uses less CPU
  • several UPNP / NAT-PMP problems fixed, including one that could cause a crash
  • fixed problem in library that was causing rare crash if file removed during piece creation
  • fixed font size setting desynchonization problem when adjusting from tray menu
  • updated SHA1 and SHA3 hashers for improved performance
  • several improvements to treeview controls used throughout the program, less RAM usage, faster sorting
  • new memory state and allocation rate diagnostic charts in Help > Diagnostics menu
  • new file system access and bandwidth charts in Help > Diagnostics menu
  • many other minor adjustments and tweaks throughout the program
Another release will be posted very soon. We are in the process of integrating several other improvements to our application framework that were made during the development of Super Simple Server. There are several new features that are ready to be added once Fopnu is fully updated and we are certain that everything is stable. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

May 3, 2018

Version 1.29 is now available. Several important fixes and improvements have been made:
  • search engine now folds some diacritics following UTR-30 draft specification
  • eliminated some inefficiencies while saving app config files
  • fixed problems parsing 6-digit hex color specifications in chat
  • better text clipping in chat windows so excessive stacked combining chars don't extend above line
  • additional font fallback methods to ensure more reliable rendering with any non-default font selection
  • double-clicking an upload file launches it
  • in chat and private messages, links and selected text can be right-clicked to copy or open via menu
  • better on-the-fly theme-change and system font-change handling on Windows platforms
  • tray icon tooltip now has transfer statistics and network state
  • improved keep-alive timing in chat rooms
Thanks for using Fopnu!

April 26, 2018

Version 1.28 is now available. Several changes have been made:
  • support for file links
  • support for user folder links
  • browse window can now locate peer by public key alone
  • browse window top folder buttons can be right-clicked to copy link or download
  • fixed chat notifications
  • upload files now have a right-click menu to allow launching file, opening location, or copying link
  • fixed problems that would occur if a download file is manually deleted off disk after completion, then checked
  • download completion tray-balloon click now correctly activates main window
  • upload completion estimate algorithm adjusted
  • default font size is adjustable from tray menu or right-clicking main window buttons
  • several other minor tweaks and fixes throughout
Thanks for using Fopnu!

April 19, 2018

Version 1.27 is now available. Several changes have been made:
  • chat rooms are now displayed in a lower pane in the main window chat list view
  • option in chat room user button menu to create a new undocked window
  • fully re-engineered download congestion control and piece scheduling, for much faster transfers
  • throttled Library directory scanning
  • adjustable maximum scanned files per second and duty cycle in Settings > Files
  • changed default Library folder re-scan interval to 23 minutes with file system notify support, 12 minutes without
  • incremental background config saving, to prevent pauses when saving large .dat files in app data folder
  • improved support for screen-reader programs
  • added several CPU usage charts to Diagnostics sub-menu under main Help button
  • new UPNP diagnostic log
  • low-level file activity log
  • several other minor GUI fixes and tweaks
We are now working on file and user link support and a new release will be ready soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

April 4, 2018

Version 1.26 is now available. This release has many important bug-fixes:
  • fixed problems with failure handling when sending private messages
  • file hashing is no longer interrupted and restarted by directory scanning
  • fixed rare crash when incomplete Library file is deleted during complete-renaming
  • online notifications no longer happen for temporary contacts
  • shell launching of protocol links (such as dsc) from chat rooms or private messages no longer causes a crash
  • fixed character alignment problems when auto-renaming files to avoid conflict with pre-existing files
  • thorough re-write of shell launch logic to properly handle UNC, network, and device-based paths
  • fixed rare problems with progress bars going blank on complete downloads
  • numeric spinboxes in configuration pages now correctly save when losing focus, even when window is closing
  • numerous other minor fixes in the GUI
We are working on new features for the next release, which should be ready very soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

December 20, 2017

Version 1.25 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • contact names are updated when remote user changes name
  • notes for contacts can be edited by right-clicking, and show in tooltip
  • fixed problems with library folder byte counts
  • files are not counted in browse totals if they have not been hashed
  • files are not visible in search if they have not been hashed
  • reduced maximum packet size for IPv6 connections
  • when location changes, internal connection reliability counter is now reduced
  • several minor protocol layer optimizations to reduce CPU usage
  • search view result processing optimized to better handle large amounts of results
  • additional fixes for problems with multi-homed peers leave/join cycling in channels
  • adding chat room by link now has password field in same dialog
  • downloads are now preferenced toward the top of the list when attaching new pieces
  • downloads can be re-ordered by dragging, in the root and within folders
  • fixed problems with resuming download folder browsing
  • fixed minor problems with per-contact and per-chat notification menus
  • several other minor GUI fixes
Thanks for using Fopnu!

December 5, 2017

Version 1.24 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • event notification configuration from Settings > UI Behavior
  • optional notification sounds and tray flash / balloon for download complete
  • clicking download completion notification tray balloon switches to transfers view and scrolls to complete file
  • sounds and tray flash / balloon for contact online
  • sounds and tray flash for incoming private message
  • sounds for contact offline
  • sounds, tray flash and channel list color change upon channel activity
  • sounds for chat room user join/leave
  • global default and per-chat/per-contact custom notification sounds
  • added .epub to text category
  • major improvements to contact syncing protocol for greater reliability
  • tabs pass through private and chat messages
  • tooltip for user in chat room text
  • when browse command shows an existing window, always refresh
  • Open Location will open the folder with the selected file highlighted on some systems
  • option to Open Location on complete download tray balloon click action
  • fixed problem with new files from folder scan not copying share status from folder
  • fixed problems entering channel root key
  • fixed problems with multi-homed peers in chat rooms
  • chat rooms will resume after a network stop/start cycle, if their window is not closed in meantime
  • chat rooms have auto-start option which will make them start with first network start
Thanks for using Fopnu!

November 27, 2017

Version 1.23 is now available. This version contains a few minor last-minute fixes to yesterday's 1.22 release.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

November 26, 2017

Version 1.22 is now available. Several important fixes have been made:
  • no more unnecessary hashing of download files when resuming transfer
  • fixed file locking/access problems between library and downloads in Windows build
  • when share groups are removed, proper ordering of remaining groups is maintained
  • uploads will show complete status if last progress update shows an imminent finish
  • optimizations applied to library file indexing, greatly improving performance with several thousand files
  • no more offline chat members in user list
  • fixed problems with channel group eligibility updating
  • fopnu: links are now shortened when displayed in chat window
  • support for clickable dsc: links in chat windows
  • fixed problem with color text rendering in Windows tree-view columns
  • GTK edit controls now painting background properly under all themes
  • fixed problems with GTK tree-view expanders not showing in themes using pixmap engine
  • refined positioning and appearance of tree-view expanders in both Windows and GTK builds
  • fixed a few other minor text-formatting problems in the Transfers view
Another update is coming soon. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

November 20, 2017

Version 1.21 is now available.

This release introduces share-groups, which allows you to selectively share your files with groups of users in your contact list or channels you select. New groups are created in the library, which has a separate checkbox column for each group in addition to the default public group. Then any user in your contact list can be right-clicked and added to any group. Chat rooms can also be added to groups, so that all users currently inside the chat will have access. It should be noted that both the local and the remote user must be using v1.21 or newer to see the non-public shares due to the need for upgraded authentication between clients.

We have also made numerous changes to our framework to fix several minor problems. Our unicode processor has been upgraded, and this has eliminated problems with sharing and searching in East-Asian character sets. A few problems with the Win32 directory enumerator have also been fixed so that NTFS symlinks and junctions will now work correctly.

There have also been several minor fixes in the GUI, especially in the GTK2 version.

More improvements and fixes are on the way soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

October 10, 2017

Version 1.19 is now available. The following changes were made:
  • major chat room overhaul
  • support for several new advanced parameters in chat room settings
  • chat room can be protected by multiple passwords (with blind verification)
  • chat room can be prevented from showing in public gather-search
  • full support for color directives in chat, eg. [red] or [#40FF40] (more info here)
  • color directive in topic and channel name
  • chat room setting to prevent all color code parsing
  • chat connection protocol greatly improved, more secure key-exchange and authentication
  • copy/open URLs for chat rooms
  • clickable links in chat and private messages
  • up/down arrows to scroll through outgoing message backbuffer in chat room
  • ctrl-ESC or shift-ESC to clear chat window and backbuffer
  • option to not show join/leave messages
  • per-chat option to locally disable color message rendering
  • fixed several other issues that caused unreliable chat connections
  • several optimizations in browse window to handle large number of files/folders
  • fixed problems in library that were sometimes preventing deep recursion of shared folders in Windows build
  • fixed problems that would prevent edit-box background color change with GTK themes that rely on PixmapEngine
  • several other minor GUI fixes and refinements
We are working as quickly as possible to add more features. Share-groups, notifications, and many others are on the way.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

August 25, 2017

Version 1.18 is now available. The following changes were made:
  • peer browse is much more efficient and reliable
  • browse view caches contents to make navigating folder structures much quicker
  • load-status for browsing folders is displayed in size column and bottom status
  • new refresh and stop menu options when right-clicking expanded browse folders
  • fixed problems in GTK treeviews that were causing expander lockout when display updating rapidly
  • protocol enhancements to make browse loading status more detailed
  • fixed minor inaccuracy of file counts in browse
  • browse response throttling and better rate-limiting
  • better mixed IPv4 / IPv6 location tracking for chat room members
  • fixed problems in search view that prevented double-click download in certain situations
  • tuned network ping intervals when in connecting mode to provide quicker recovery after network disruption
  • minor changes to network peer hinting procedures to provide quicker startup
Thanks for using Fopnu!

August 21, 2017

Version 1.17 is now available. This update contains numerous network and protocol upgrades. It also features a critical fix for problems that were occuring receiving packets close to MTU limits.

Further updates are on the way. Please check the web site often.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

August 21, 2017

Version 1.16 is now available. The following changes were made:
  • massive overhaul of network peer cache
  • limit peer groups from same narrow/wide networks
  • new routines to reduce pollution from peers behind symmetric NAT
  • fixed problems handling F1 key in certain parts of the GUI
  • network problem-detection routines to alert user to NAT usage locally
  • NAT tagging in peer list, to prevent outbound PEX pollution
  • better search-seeding algorithms
  • more detailed status display in Network view
  • fixed UPNP/NAT-PMP port-mapping problems
  • fixed problems with GTK layout resizing causing hang in certain situations
  • other minor GUI fixes
More to come very soon.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

August 18, 2017

Version 1.15 is now available. The following changes were made:
  • fixed problems with library directory scanning that would cause delete/re-create cycle on inner folders on some file count changes
  • added option in Settings > Files to control CPU duty-cycle for hashing
  • added option in Settings > Files to limit MB/s rate of hashing
  • request-limiter loss detection routines have been tuned
  • fixed problem with update-check timing
  • fixed problem with file colors in search window
  • only saves library config file to disk if changes have been made
  • prevent system suspend (but not display suspend) while running
  • optimized request-limiter stack management routines to use much less CPU
  • updates to treeview control to better manage column width settings
  • double-click from browse/search will now also directly add the source to pre-existing downloads
We are working quickly to make continued improvements. New releases may be posted frequently. Please keep an eye on the web site or forum for updates.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

August 8, 2017

Version 1.14 is now available. The following changes were made:
  • new portable edition, designed for stand-alone operation on portable media / portable location
  • fixed problems with library file visibility when there are hash-duplicates with mixed sharing status
  • better remote piece load error relaying for peer connections to avoid blocking problems when downloading multiple files from one user
  • improvements to the timing of find sources during network startup
  • channel list tooltips show last online and/or gathered
  • peer report of remote file not shared will cause retries for 15-20 seconds to allow remote to rename/move files without full interruption
  • fixed several problems with peer/file priority selection in menus, especially with multiple items with mixed priority
  • network location hinting has more aggressive filtering
  • fixed problems with shared file counts in browse when not all files in folder are shared
  • network keyword search efficiency improvements that save 15-20% outgoing bandwidth
  • option to weekly check for update now working correctly
  • faster hashng upon piece caching for upload
  • library checks last-modified time on files during directory scan, mismatch triggers file hashing
  • library watches folders for changes via inotify/ReadDirectoryChanges, including last-modified times
  • option in settings to disable all library checking of file last-modified times (work around for rare buggy NAS units)
  • several improvements to Linux inotify client to maximize efficient use of handles and descriptors
  • fixed display/ellipsizing problems with path buttons at the top of browse window
  • fixed several minor GUI issues
Thanks for using Fopnu!

July 28, 2017

Version 1.13 is now available. The following changes were made:
  • more advanced timing algorithms to regulate network pings
  • bootstrapping and offline detection procedures are more robust
  • fonts throughout the program are now configurable in the settings
  • option in channel settings to copy private key
  • new downloads are auto-scrolled into view
  • new uploads are auto-scrolled if view was previously at bottom
  • implemented FontLink fallback in Uniscribe layouts so most code-points now render correctly
  • work-around Uniscribe bug/crash when processing UTF-16 surrogate pairs with undefined script
  • fixed problems when attempting to trash a download file that is currently allocating
  • more consistent private message length limiting
  • fixed problem with 12/24 hour time display in channel timestamps
  • several improvements to tree-view controls for smoother updating and scrolling
  • slightly larger main toolbar buttons
  • divider position in transfers and bandwidth view now saving correctly
  • many other minor GUI adjustments
More improvements are on the way.

Thanks for using Fopnu!

July 20, 2017

Fopnu is here! This has been several years in the making. Enjoy!